Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO)

Role of Cork City FC Supporter Liaison Officer

The Supporter Liaison Officer is the first point of contact for any supporter that wishes to raise an issue with the club, they provide a direct link between the official functions and roles of the club and it’s supporters to help communicate changes, challenges and issues arising in the operation of the football club. The SLO views are expressed as a body independent of the club unless specifically stated as a club policy or viewpoint.

Role Description
The SLO’s key function is to ensure that the comfort, health and safety of all supporters is a primary concern of the club at all times as well as the maintenance of the communication between supporters group(s), club(s) and all football associations.
These duties include but are not limited to:
-The SLO will ensure that the voice of supporters is heard in relation to all club matters and decisions, in particular those affecting supporters directly in any way, particularly in relation to match nights.
-The SLO is responsible for ensuring that every supporter has the opportunity to contact an authorised club representative with regard to supporter matters and raise any concerns that they may have.
-The SLO should be allowed to facilitate and encourage regular contact and communication between the club and its supporters, and help to foster this relationship. The SLO should also be considered an intermediary in disputes between any supporters group and other stakeholders.
-The SLO role must be allowed to facilitate, promote and increase the involvement of supporters and the club in community and social projects. The SLO must be allowed operate in conjunction with a club or other stakeholder official representative in relation to community and social matters.

The present Supporter Liaison Officers for Cork City Women’s F.C. is Áine O’Donovan.
The SLO can be contacted at