International superster soccer for the super nintendo – the grand father of soccer simulation

Copyright (c) 2012 Eli Gali

Among my favored Super Nin­& shy; tendo Video game is The Inter­& shy; na & shy; tional Super Star Soc & reluctant; cer Delux. In Europe it is a typical video game with very reduced value. The very first time I play this video game, I had to do with 5 years of ages. Mon & reluctant; ter & timid; rey, at the time was the mother-load of Super Nin & shy; tendo games, Pirates, Imports, Orig & shy; i­& timid; nals, New releases etc. There were several producers and assemblers firms for SNES video games in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

We loved the video game; we might not stop play­& timid; ing it; however I was watch & timid; ing most of the time. I remem & shy; ber back then, my daddy, for some estrange reli­& timid; gious rea & shy; boy, did not let me play video games. I remem­& shy; ber that when I was ill, I needed to get some really uncomfortable shots; after every shot, for me to stop cry­& shy; ing, my daddy will allow me play video games with my relative, and naturally I constantly chose ISSD. Eventually, my other relative bor­& shy; rowed ISSD from Ivan, and that night his house obtained burglarized, as well as we shed ISSD. Unfor­& timid; tu & reluctant; nately, I just purchased one because the other one remained in truly poor shape and really prob­& shy; a & reluctant; ble was a pirate cart!

ISSD for the SNES has a rank of 8. You can locate copies of this video game on Ebay for over 100 dollars.