Womens flame resistant clothes: womens shirts, blouses, and tops

The tops, blouses, or shirts she chooses to wear provide an important element of the whole picture. Bulwark and Carhartt are two of the reliable designers promoting these naturally and inherently flame resistance tops for the working woman. If you are shopping for that special lady, these make great gifts recognizing her ability to perform at a superior level while maintaining her own self-identity. This is a banded shirt with all the benefits of a firm and topstitched collar. The cuffs on the long sleeves are completely adjustable thanks to the two button design, and the front placket has never looked or felt so good. The short sleeves are hemmed while the banded collar is top stitched promoting superior design and comfort. This is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. The flame resistant blouse is ideal for the professional woman. These can be laundered at home or in an industrial laundry cycle whichever is most benefit and appropriate to your circumstances. You will love this industrial khaki color that is completely customizable, and this just happens to look great.