Unusual uses for cork

There are currently modern-day alternatives for this solution, such as plastic stoppers, yet traditional cork stoppers continue to be the most prominent choice for a glass of wine functions. In fact, it has been reported that cork accounts for only 15% of cork use by weight, yet 66% by profits. Cork is an extremely unusual product because its cells are aligned in a honeycomb kind of structure and also filled with air, making it very compressible as well as elastic. When pushed, cork will go back to its initial shape. It has a high level of fire resistance, likewise making it an excellent insulation material for heat atmospheres. Cork is resilient and also can be installed on practically any flooring. Nevertheless, one caveat is that since cork is a compound that broadens and contracts, it is important that the humidity degree in the structure containing the cork flooring be maintained within a regulated range. As an example, a company in Canada makes a computer mouse pad out of cork. In 2002, American John Pollack and also his companion Garth Goldstein made worldwide news by successfully navigating a boat down the Douro River in Portugal that was made entirely of cork stoppers. The reason for the shift is that a cork stopper can on occasion ruin the preference of white wine. The reason is that without vineyards utilizing cork, the demand for cork would certainly fall to the factor that cork woodlands would certainly quit being preserved or replaced altogether with even more lucrative items.